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Workforce Management Solutions

Our solutions give you the flexibility to meet changing market demands. Choose the services that will help you reach your organizational goals.

Here’s how the process works:

Lyons HR Staffing helps your company find the right candidate for your job. We’ll ask you to provide us with a list of requirements and a job description for the available position. We use this information to create job postings, and then the Lyons HR team will source applicants to find the right match for the job.

We use a variety of recruiting tools to find your matches. Not only will we receive applications for your position, we also have a database of applicant resumes who might be an ideal fit. Each applicant is personally interviewed; in some cases, the candidate is also given a professional skills test to determine the ability to work in a specific environment or to perform a specific job. Our assessment testing helps validate a candidate’s skill and helps us match the right person to the right job.

Once Lyons HR has paired the right individual with an open position, the candidate is interviewed by the employer, our client. When a match is made, the employer can directly hire the candidate, or the employer can hire the candidate on a trial basis, paying Lyons HR, who pays the candidate, until a permanent hire is made.

Our solutions:

Temporary Staffing Services.

Drive productivity and control costs. Adapt to varying business demands and avoid excess overtime and labor shortages.


Eliminate costly hiring errors by evaluating candidates on the job. Test their abilities and assess their fit for your culture.

Permanent Placement.

Trust Lyons HR to manage and streamline the entire placement processes. Ensure optimal hiring results and focus on your core objectives by offloading this burdensome process.

Confidential Search.

When you have a hiring need that must be handled discreetly, we can help. We source candidates to address an opening in a fashion that ensures confidentiality. This allows you to announce a new team member rather than have a gap in the organizational chart.

Payroll Services.

Place your employees on our payroll and we’ll manage check disbursement, tax withholding, insurance, garnishment processing and all other payroll responsibilities. This will lower your administration costs and reduce employment risks.

On-Site Staff Management.

Get the benefits of a large temporary workforce without the worry of hands-on management. Our on-site management program can handle everything from tracking attendance, training, motivation, discipline and reporting.

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