Working for Lyons

Working for Lyons HR

Lyons HR is where the most talented HR and recruitment professionals in the U.S. want to work, because we have a:

  • Smarter approach to staffing and workforce management.
  • Deeply committed to delivering measurable value for clients.
  • An organization that recognizes and rewards top performers.
  • More opportunities for career advancement (wider variety of disciplines).

Lyons HR provides employees with the tools to advance in their careers. Employees have opportunities to further their education through a partnership with a local university, offering online classes at a significant discount.

Employees are given continuous feedback regarding performance, enabling them to exceed performance goals and reap the rewards. Because of the variety of services provided to so many clients in different areas of the workforce, employees can work in different capacities, while identifying their interests. Lyons HR offers upward mobility and identifies talent for clients, as well as internally.

Lyons HR supports on-site employees by providing resources and direction to assist them in supporting their assigned on-site employer.

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