How Can a PEO Company Help You Plan Ahead and Budget for the Next Year?

It’s that time of year … you’re up to your ears in open enrollment, as well as planning your major business initiatives for the 12 months ahead. With this comes the inevitable “B word” – your HR budget. From rising costs of healthcare to basic administrative costs, companies face a significant budget challenge each year… Read more »

Important Tips for a Healthy Partnership With Your PEO Company

Working with a professional employer organization, or PEO, you can not only cut overall costs, but also free up more time in your day to focus on core business goals and growth. You enter into a co-employment relationship whereby your PEO becomes the employer of record for your team members, yet you remain in control… Read more »

When is the Right Time to Start Looking for a Seasonal Job?

During the holiday season, consumers shop, eat and travel more – and employees in virtually all industries take time off, so their companies need to fill those vacancies. This makes it a great time to land a temporary job. In addition to earning extra money to shop and celebrate the season yourself, you may just… Read more »

401(k) Tips: How Can Your Business Benefit From Working With a PEO?

A 401(k) profit sharing plan is a must if you intend to attract and retain top talent. But the ongoing administration of a 401(k), including often complex and changing legal implications, can be daunting. The best solution for your company may lie in partnering with a professional employer organization. A PEO can step in and… Read more »

Bringing in Seasonal Employees for Your Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

The holidays are a typical time for companies to bring in temporary employees, and then let them go once normal demand resumes. There can be some confusion around seasonal hiring, in order to streamline the process and ensure your company remains competitive and compliant. Many of the Same Laws Apply Many of the same labor… Read more »

Why Your Resume is Costing You Job Offers

Your resume needs to immediately grab and hold the attention of a recruiter or an automated applicant tracking system (ATS). It needs to be concise, crisp, relevant and up to date. Research has shown that 40 percent of people shelve their resumes once they’re comfortably employed. Eight percent of those surveyed said they couldn’t even… Read more »

How to Motivate Your Employees During the Holiday Season

Time flies … and we’re already at that time of the year when one holiday after another will begin to sneak up on us. Throughout the fall and early winter, people are enjoying one celebration after another. The holidays can be fun, exciting, joyful … and often stressful and distracting. Not to burst your bubble,… Read more »

Five Tips to Finding Higher-Quality Candidates for Your Business

What’s the secret to consistently finding top-quality candidates to fill your open jobs? The answer lies in the ABR acronym: Always Be Recruiting. By developing relationships with potential hires long before you need them, you build a robust pool of candidates – and can avoid having to be a firefighter when an unexpected, business-critical opening… Read more »

Is Your Benefit Program Up to Date?

To be truly effective, your employee benefits program must meet three goals: providing financial protection for people in the event of illness, disability, death or unemployment; promoting positive morale while supporting company profitability; and serving as a recruitment tool to attract and retain top talent. Now may be a good time to step back and… Read more »

Can Temporary Employees Make Your Business More Profitable?

So, you have a good workforce. In fact, a great one! Awesome! Question: Why would you need to spend money to bring in temporary employees? Answer: So you can keep your workforce as great as it is. Whether you’re filling in for summer vacations and other absences or need extra talent for special projects, short-term… Read more »