Experiencing Ongoing Labor Shortages? Here’s How to Prevent Them

Finding the right talent and keeping your staffing levels on point is an ongoing challenge – and although it’s a top priority, it’s likely far from the only thing on your plate!

Writing job postings and ads, reviewing resumes and applications, screening and interviewing, reference and background checking, negotiating salaries … the list goes on. And you don’t want to risk a costly bad hire, which could result from cutting corners when hiring. For companies of all sizes, a staffing agency partnership can be the answer when it comes to finding the best talent, quickly and effectively.

What Your Staffing Agency Can Do For You

The benefits of working with a staffing agency include:

  • Faster hiring.

    Today’s job market is candidate driven. This means the hiring process is typically longer and more complex than in the past. Your staffing firm can prescreen and qualify candidates, doing much of the legwork that would otherwise consume your time and resources.

  • Maintaining a fluid, lean workforce.

    You want to ensure every dollar you invest in staffing is well spent. This means having a flexible workforce and ramping up and down as dictated by your business needs. So, in addition to permanent staff, temporary workers often can help fill the bill.

  • Reducing risk.

    Your staffing firm assumes many liabilities associated with employment, such as taxes, insurance coverage and compliance with labor laws. Hiring your own people comes with financial risks, as well, especially if an employee has to be fired or resigns unexpectedly. Your staffing firm is the employer of record for its workers, so they assume these liabilities.

  • Improving productivity.

    Bringing in temporary workers to handle work overload can prevent burnout on the part of your full-time employees. When work schedules are overloaded, people quickly become overwhelmed and unmotivated. This can result in costly errors and even accidents or illness. Absenteeism increases and, ultimately, retention is threatened. Temps allow full-time employees to continue to focus on their own jobs while maintaining productivity.

  • Trying before you buy.

    By hiring temporary employees, you can evaluate their performance and fit before making a permanent employment offer. You will often find that a temp is the perfect solution, but if not, then nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Need help hiring?

When it comes to temporary or direct hiring needs, Lyons HR can customize a process so you see only the most qualified candidates. Our recruitment focus areas include light industrial, automotive, administrative and professional positions in management, accounting, finance, HR, marketing and more. Contact us today to set up an informational meeting.


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