Are You a Trustworthy Manager?

In any workplace, people need to be able to rely on one another. This reliance can’t happen without trust – especially between an employee and their manager. Team members will go above and beyond for people they trust, resulting in improved engagement, efficiency, job satisfaction, productivity and customer service.

Tips for Building Trust

Use these tips to cultivate authentic relationships with your employees; in other words, to gain and maintain mutual trust.

  • Start early.

Managers play an important role in a company’s onboarding success. According to one recent survey, a great onboarding experience can reduce turnover by 157 percent and boost employee engagement by 54 percent. Make new hires feel welcome from day one. Take them under your wing, treat them to coffee or lunch, and foster rapport right from the start.

  • Invest in employee development.

An integral part of your job is helping your employees grow by mastering new skills and sharpening the ones they already have. If a person’s skills are not properly developed, it could negatively impact their career. Provide honest, ongoing feedback, encompassing both recognition and constructive criticism. By asking employees what you can do to support their success, you will not only solidify your relationship with them, but also boost their engagement level.

  • Avoid gossip.

Office gossip can be toxic, and it is counterproductive to trust. If you participate, people will feel you’d do the same thing to them. Especially as a manager, lowering yourself to the rumor mill level is highly irresponsible.

  • Trust others.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it goes double if you’re someone’s boss. If you view others as trustworthy, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate.

  • Don’t micromanage.

This can be a huge blow to building trust. Instead, set regular check-in meetings so you can effectively oversee and facilitate your direct reports without hovering over their shoulders.

  • Be consistent.

No one on your team should have to wonder whether or not you’re going to deliver. You can’t set a high bar for others and then fail to reach it yourself. Both your performance and positive attitude should be consistent. Keeping a calm, cool, collected mindset is a plus for cultivating trust. Maintain a welcoming atmosphere so people never hesitate to approach you.

Need to give your team a boost?

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